Configuring Undo History


All CRM Power’s helper applications have a Settings application which allows administrators to configure the system and attach the logic to the entities they wish to unable the Undo History functionality. To access the Setting App, you can either:

select the Undo History Settings app from the Settings section in

or if you are in your system choose it from the dropdown list of Applications available from the dropdown arrow by the Dynamics 365 logo.

The Settings application will open directly in the Undo History Management List View

Adding an Entity

Click new and you will be presented with a form with 2 fields on it

Entity – a dropdown list of entities that you can track the history of (as the History entity is an activity only Entities that support activities are listed here).
Triggers – a multiselect list the attributes of the entity selected above. When triggers are configured, history records will only be created if the update contains one (or more) of the selected fields.

Regardless of whether Triggers are configured all updated fields are saved within the history record.

After configuring the record press Save.

Disable an Entity

To disable or remove the Undo History functionality on an entity simply delete the appropriate record.